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42 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. I would highly recommend working for LT Home Healthcare. I love working here. The owners treat their staff with professionalism and kindness. Any questions or issues I have had were promptly addressed & handled properly. In my opinion you won’t find a better company to work for. It’s like one big family.

  2. I just wanted to thank Linda and staff for the care that they provide towards my son in time of need ..LT Home Healthcare has been easy to deal with and very approachable. A job well done when in need .. the company has been so easy to deal with that I joined them in working for them also ..they offer benefits plus help when you need it with patients!! My mentor and manager (Kristy Wolcott ) has been second to none.. she is a joy to work with and had been helpful with my misgivings especially on the phone while punching in and out ..her attitude is always warm and caring and that is spread to the employee and patient.. she is an asset both to the company and community and a kind person!! Thank you Kristy !!

  3. Lt Homehealth has been excellent for my son and the care is great..if needed a call is all it takes .thanks linda and staff for the well being of the past 3 years.. I was impressed with linda so much that I went to work for them on a care story gets better as this goes as I was fortunate enough to get my supervisor (Kristy Wolcott) to work under ..she has had to deal with my questions and flaws of punching in and out each day !! Her personality is such for the employee and patient to be dealt with in a calm and concerning attitude.. Kristy is second to none to work for and the company and patient is lucky to have her !! She always has time for my texts and calls and I appreciate the feedback !! Thanks to Lt and Kristy and staff!!

  4. Lt Home Healthcare has been an absolute Godsend! without their provision and services, so many elderly and disable people would have to be placed in nursing homes.

  5. Mi esperiencia con LT home Healthcare ha sido grandiosa todos son muy profesionales, muy amables y siempre estan disponibles para cualquire pregunta o ayuda que necesito.

    Mr. Daniel es una gran persona u muy profesional al igual que Mrs Cay.

  6. I, (LT Home Healthcare’s client), have been very happy with the help LT Homes provided to me. I get help getting transferred from and to the wheelchair, getting medicines on time, getting help bathing and dressing getting my meals on time, taking me to the doctor or hospital if needed and any other help that I need during the day.

    If I have any questions LT homes is quick to resolve my issues.
    I am very happy with LT homes so far.

  7. It has been a very pleasant experience working for LT Home Healthcare. The staff is vey pleasant and they work with us. Anytime I have a problem, they are ready to accommodate with me and that makes me work for them. They have very good incentives for acceptably which is very encouraging. I will definitely recommend them. I just wish I could get a raise.

  8. Cay has been so helpful and supportive over the years. as thus company has grown I feel they’re poured more into the caregivers. truly shown us we are appreciated. I plan to continue working here as long as I can.

    Thank you so much for the opportunities.

  9. Tengo el placer de pertenecer a LT Home por varios anos y siempre me han atendido amablemente y con prontitud. Siempre aclaran mis dudas y a tienden mis llamasa. Mi case management es Cay S. es lo mejor. El senor Tom me a recibido muy amablemente tambien. En fin todos musy atentos, una gran familia para trabajar. Le recomiendo LT Home aquien busque de su ayuda.

  10. I like working for this company they are organized and handle issues quickly. I like the management team and my supervisor Latasha, she’s great at her job and encouraging too. I had a previous agency and they were nice as well but not as organized. I hope the pay can rise a bit higher however, especially in this inflation. I believe this company will grow even larger than it already is.

  11. My name is Luann J. and I am a staff of LT Home Healthcare. I am very grateful to be a member of their organization. My caseworker is Latasha and she is there to answer any questions or problems that come up. I am retired and my son is special needs. I also have 2 of my grandkids that live with me.
    They (LT Home Healthcare) have this drawing that you can win by clocking in and out on time which is very helpful to us. It helps me buy groceries and any other item that I need. If there is anyone in need of help I would given them their name and number of LT Home Healthcare.

  12. Alice M.

    I’ve been w/ this company for a little over a year now, the supervisor (Daniel W.) has been Absolutely amazing and attentive to our needs (needs for training).

  13. As a home health care assistant, I have found that LT home Healthcare is an excellent employer. They are efficient and attentive to the needs of their care assistants and employees. The office staff, supervisors and the owners care about their employees and are always ready to help make them successful.

  14. I love working for this company because there are never any issues getting paid. I have worked for previous agencies where I would have to chase down my check. I love taking care of people and I have a great supervisor Mr. Daniel. I would refer this agency to anyone I meet.

  15. I, Kelly B, became a part of the LT Home Healthcare team in a really good time in my life. I have a great client that I have fall in love with her. I love working for the client. I will be here for the client not myself. I do this job from my heart not from my pockets. I will love to continue working with my client because I love to work with my elders clients.

  16. I would like for you to know that I love taking care of the elderly because they are our grandmother or own parents and we need to accomplish them for that by giving everybody a rise because everything has gone up rent, food, gas and I don’t think that’s fair to us. We all deserve to live as well as we take care of our elderly, I’ve been working for this Home Health home for a while and I love it. I wouldn’t change my job for the world. we all need help, we can’t live on what we are being paid.

    Help us…

  17. Home health is essential to individuals who are in need of care & don’t want to leave their homes. Most elderly patients don’t want to be placed or “stuck” in a nursing home. They are more comfortable in their homes. we provide the same services that patients receive in a hospital, only difference is we don’t draw blood etc. We bath & care for our patients just like a nurse/ healthcare worker does. I’m very thankful and grateful to this company for allowing me to work with them & help these patients.

  18. LT Home Healthcare has been a Godsent. My mother is 83 and not comfortable with other facilities. Being able to stay in her comfortable surroundings & receive services. Help with her personal grooming & making her meals & making sure medication is given & taken properly.

  19. I, Sharon H, am writing this statement in reference to the LT Home Healthcare agency. the staff are very responsible for helping the caregivers get situations settle. I have had very great experience with the Agency. I greatly appreciate all they do for clients and caregivers. Thanks you for having me a part of your team.

  20. I can’t say enough about LT Home Healthcare. They have been here when I most needed them. LT Home Healthcare has sent me help for about four years. I have enjoyed everyone that was sent. I didn’t have to tell them what I needed. They helped me with my everyday chores, that I’m no longer able to do. When COVID was so high, never had to ask for them to wear a mask. Always professional!

  21. We have found the provider services to be valuable especially as I am a caregiver for my daughter. My supervisor at LT Home Healthcare, Mary, is very responsive and the office staff are very friendly. I have found the (VESTA) app on the phone very easy to use and the whole process of enrolling extremely painless. I appreciated the concern during the COVID pandemic and although it was extra form to fill but it was a necessary precaution to keep both client and staff safe.

  22. I have been working for LT Home Healthcare for more than 3 years now and it definitely has been smooth sailing from day one. Any time I have a question or scheduling issues, the office staff will quickly jump into action to resolve them. Ms. Linda Jenkins, my supervisor, is very patient and caring. Ms. Linda even personally drove to my house and hand deliver my gift card to me which I won for having perfect attendance. It almost seems too good to be true but if you just visit their corporate office and assess their competency for yourself. Payroll is always timely and accurate unlike my previous agencies. It’s so refreshing not having to call the office every two weeks to find out why my checks are late or incorrect. The reason that LT Home Healthcare is quickly growing because they do truly care and everything is done by the book. Highly recommended whether if you are seeking employment or needing their service for your loved ones.

  23. I was a caregiver for my Mother-In-Law for approximately 2 years and due to my medical issues, my husband, Joseph, became her caregiver. Joe’s mom is 92 y/o and doesn’t let just anyone take care of her; thus, we are doing what families must do for their loved ones. Our experience has been positive and our field manager, Cay, has been a godsend to us. Always available to help us no matter what we ask. Thank you for everything that has been done to help us take care of Louise.

  24. I love working for LT Home Healthcare. I’ve only been working for a couple of months but I love the hours as I have children that are in school and I get to take them to school every morning and be able to pick them up in the evenings. LT Home Healthcare is there for their employees and that says a lot about any company you work for. For they value you and they show their appreciation.

  25. I’ve working for LT Home Healthcare for 2.5 years. I can truly to say at least that this has been the best job that I’ve worked for. My supervisor, Daniel, is very kind and a great listener. He’s also very organized and respectful. Mr. Tom & Ms. Linda are very pleasant & understanding and they really care about you and your needs. Ms. Linda has helped me with my VOE and very quick response. It’s good to be around staff with positive outlook. When I found LT Home Healthcare, I’ve found my second home!!

  26. It is truly a blessing to work for LT Home Healthcare. I have always enjoy taking care of those who need help. Thanks for allowing me to do this wonderful job!

  27. It’s been nice working for LT Home Healthcare for approximately 1.5 years. The office staff and case managers really put the effort in when you have a problem. Love the convenience of their location. Also, LT Home Healthcare does work to make a convenient and works with the hours you want.

  28. Hello, my name is Latunya H. I have worked for LT Home Healthcare since 2018. I am very satisfied with the company. Great supervisor, Ms. LaTasha. I would likely refer clients and employees to LT Home Healthcare.

  29. I like work for LT Home Healthcare. They care for you. The management staff (Daniel) is very good to work with.

  30. LT Home Healthcare means a lot to me and my family. The staff has been helping to take care of my mom who needs help with daily tasks. I recommend this agency to everyone. – Provider Bryan L.

  31. LT Home Healthcare has been an excellent company to have as a home healthcare agency. I will recommend this company for their service. Daniel is the most helpful employee that work at the office. Mr. Tom & Ms. Linda are also very pleasant – Client Lynette S.

  32. LT Home Healthcare has been a very good experience for me. The field manager, Daniel W., is very caring and he take his time with the client. I like working with LT Home Healthcare. Daniel is a very good worker: He explains everything and he helps me with any questions. This agency is great to work for – Suresh E.

  33. Dear Ms. Jenkins: I just wanted to tell you a few things about the kind of people you have working at LT Home Healthcare. I am talking about Daniel W.. One of the reasons that Ms. EJ and myself decided to work for this Home Healthcare was because of Daniel. Daniel has always been there for us when we need him. He is such a loving and caring person. He is always willing to help all of us whichever way he can. He really cares for his clients and providers/attendants. We have never seen him in a bad mood. Always smiling and happy. We have had the opportunity to work with other agencies that pay us more money but since we have been with Daniel, we will never change. He treats us like his own family. Ms. EJ and I already adopted him as our new son. We don’t know what we will ever do if we ever lose him. So all I can say is that Daniel is a blessing to LT Home Healthcare. I have work with several agencies and I have never had anybody as sufficient as he is. Very smart and intelligent man and loves his job. You don’t find very many “Daniels” out there. Thank you so much for having management staff like Daniel in LT Home Healthcare. God Bless you all – Provider Grace P. and Client Ms. EJ

  34. LT Home Healthcare is the best company I’ve worked for in 2 years. I’ve never had a problem. They treat me more like family than an employee. My supervisor, Mr. Daniel W., is the best. Whenever I have questions Mr. D. W. and LT Home Healthcare are always there answer them.

  35. I’ve been with the company for 2 years now. I love this company and my field manager, Mr. Daniel W. He’s very respectful, helpful, and friendly. Daniel and the company treat me like a family member.

  36. “How can you rate a company that gave someone an extra six months of life? LT Home Healthcare started caring for my mother in June 2017. At that time, she was ventilator dependent, bed bound, on feeding tube and 100% dependent on round the clock skilled nursing. We had been through numerous nursing companies, hospitals, nursing homes, LTAC and Rehab facilities in her 8 year battle with neuromuscular disease. And through it all she was still very alert and aware, and as always, in charge. All she wanted was to go home and be in peace for her remaining time. The loving care from LT Home Healthcare allowed us to honor her wishes. From the first day, Tom and Linda Jenkins and the great nurses from LT Home Healthcare did everything to keep mother comfortable, and happy at home. They also went above and beyond to keep her family informed and involved in her care. As the end came near, and she was slipping in and out of consciousness, the nurses were very deliberate to keep her comfortable, while still maintained the utmost care in a very kind and dignified manner. We were able to be at peace with her passing and know without a doubt that she received the VERY BEST CARE possible in her last six months. I love this company from the owners to every provider. This is the best, most professional, caring, compassionate company we worked with throughout Mother’s illness. I wish we had found them years earlier.”

  37. “My Mother-in-Law entered the Texas Health and Human Service’s Community Care Services Program in March of 2017. Due to my Mother-in-Law’s Dementia, we struggled with the Care Givers being supplied by the first agency we worked with. We then selected LT Home Healthcare in July of 2017. Linda Jenkins personally took on my Mother-in-Law’s case due to her familiarity with the needs of a Dementia patient. Linda and her staff have always worked closely with us to insure my Mother-in-Law received the care she needed as her Dementia symptoms have progressed. Finding help to look after aging parents in very difficult. Being able to turn to an agency that cares enough about their patients to match the care giver’s skills and experience with the patient’s needs is very comforting for the family. I highly recommend the services provided by LT Home Healthcare.”

  38. “LT Health is not just a care giving organization that treats you like a client or a number but like a caring member of the LT Family.”

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